Babu Natha is the founder and president of Turkey Creek Hospitality. An immigrant from India. His story like many others is a story of a man who tasted success from humble beginnings. He shook off an impoverished boyhood my being a street smart opportunist. A man who came up in life with his sheer dint of determination and hard work. He came to the United States in 1980 and with his passion to work hard, his dedication to learn and his personal faith and being a “good person” guides the basis for Turkey Creek Hospitality. He values all his employees and believes in exceeding the expectations of his guests. He teaches his managers to be a role model for the employees, and he preaches to his employees to work hard, take care of the guest, and to always do the right thing. Everything else will eventually fall into place. 


Developing a hotel is both an art and a science. At TCH, we strive to master the science of hotel development, while differentiating ourselves from every other development company through the application of artistic and creative skills.

Each of our hotels is custom-designed to represent its distinct market and culture. Given the changing dynamics of the hospitality industry, choosing the right product for the right market can be a challenging task. Understanding the science side of the industry allows us to develop high quality assets with premium brand affiliations in strategic markets. Applying the art side of the industry allows us to create hotels that are uniquely tailored to those markets and clients. Aside from normal due diligence of market analysis and feasibility studies, each project is carefully analyzed and reviewed through a disciplined process to assure the highest probability of success.

 We are proud to say that TCH currently turns down more projects that we develop. We are highly selective with our projects, as well as our strategic partners. We want to make sure that we have the right partnerships to promote healthy returns on growth fro all our stakeholders. Our objective is more than just developing hotels; it is producing excellence in the quality, design, and people involved in each and every one of our projects.